Boys, Books, and Bathroom Humor

The modern mother of a boy may occasionally worry that her son may never read anything other than Captain Underpants.  While this bathroom humor classic can be an excellent inducement to read, (and even a little bit funny) she may hope that her son will move on to books without flatulence, underwear, or intentional mis-spellings. The well mannered mother may also wonder how she is ever going to curb potty mouth dinner conversation, if her son is reading Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger at bedtime. Such a mother can find inspiration in a recent opinion piece, "How to Raise Boys who Read" in the Wall Street Journal.  Read it here and then head to John Scieszka's website, "Guys Read" for some book ideas.


Amy Fuller Boyd said...

A similar series for me is My Weird School because the main character refers to other kids or school things as dumb with regularity. Plus, there is some bathroom humor. However, the overall humor in the books is extremely engaging for all ages. Neil "the New Kid" is misheard as Neil "the nude kid". The main character never talks about Neil with calling him "Neil the Nude Kid" and then wondering why he is called that when he is always wearing clothes. The bottom line though is that these books hooked my son into reading. Psych!

Elizabeth Hammond Pyle said...

Haven't gotten to My Weird School, but yes -- its worth it to get them into reading. Just hopefully, they move on!

Mine are sort of into dragons these days, and I just I found this funny blog post about older boys reading, dragons, and Twilight series:

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