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From time to time the modern mother will need to talk to people who do not have, want or care about children. This may seem unfathomable to the average modern mother in these child-centric times. But really it's true. In fact, there is a whole section of society completely uninterested in children. In order to interface successfully with these people the well mannered modern mother should have a few topics of conversation in her repertoire unrelated to children and parenting. Popular adult topics of conversation include but are not limited to: political unrest in other countries, the slow food movement, the Stieg Larsson mystery, Google, Pandora, and anything from The Economist, The Atlantic or written by Malcolm Gladwell. While such discourse may seem anathema at first, with fortitude and perseverance the modern mother will soon discover (remember?) a world of topics and interests that have absolutely nothing to do with her offspring. Not only will this result in an increase of dinner party invitations but it may also help the well mannered modern mother and her children to remember that they are not the center of the world.


Anonymous said...

I think this applies to when the modern mother goes out to dinner with the modern father too! Just as there was a connected couple before children so should there be after the children have left home. Thus, that adult discourse needs to be maintained while the kids are growing up.

Amy K. said...

it's so hard to do! I went out to lunch recently with a pal, and one of my mom friends was sitting at a nearby table. She came over to say hi, and as she walked away she said, "And stop talking about your baby!" She was right! (Granted, the friend I was lunching with was going through IVF, but that's not always going to be the case! is it?!)

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