Forbidden Fruits (and goldfish, and graham crackers, and cheerios...)

Though not likely to be endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatricians anytime soon, snacking remains an effective form of entertainment for little ones strapped in a stroller, waiting at the doctor's office, sitting around an airport terminal, verging on meltdown at the gymnastics studio. Who hasn't slipped a toddler a graham cracker to keep him quiet, or broken out the mini-oreos to keep peace on a airplane? However, when there is a sign saying “No Food or Drink”, the well mannered mother knows this pertains not only to her but also to her offspring. Even 24 pound, cheerio-eating offspring. There are some environments where a sign should not be required for parents to recognize that rampant snacking is not only nutritionally questionable but verging on disrespectful. Churches and synagogues come to mind. As do the White house, the Metropolitan Opera, and Buckingham Palace. Thankfully, your intrepid authors don't spend too much time in those places. It can be difficult to say no to a sniveling 3-year old who "just wants some goldfish," but say no one must. By doing so the well mannered mother teaches her children to be aware of their environment and considerate of the others using it. Not to mention those cleaning up.

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