Though often overlooked at the time of birth, becoming a parent eventually means years of mandatory recital attendance. Painful as it may be to sit through 6 faltering minuets on piano or a jazz dance interpretation of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”, you’re obligated to sit attentively as you wait for your child’s turn. Do not let your child interrupt the performance with loud chatter or wander the premises with a bag of snack food dangling from one hand. If your child is old enough to perform in a recital, she is old enough to atleast attempt to sit and watch other performances.

After your child performs, you may be tempted to get up, grab your child and run away as fast as you can before another 6 year old gets up to play “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” on flute. However, the well-mannered mother remembers that high-tailing it out of there would be rude to the other children still waiting to perform and their patiently waiting families. If you absolutely must leave before the recital is over, wait until a pause between performances so as not to distract young performers trying their hardest to concentrate.

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RTP said...

Ha ha. Beginner violins are the worst..

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